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Developing an online dating Web site or partner-searching portal? Speed up your work and enhance the appearance of your final product by using professionally crafted, readily available Love Icon Set. The sets of love icons contains objects and symbols commonly used on dating Web sites, and includes images in a variety of sizes, file formats and color resolutions.

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Valentine love icons

Valentine love icons at Love Icons

Valentine's Day - the holiday of lovers. On this day (February 14) decided to give Valentines to your loved ones and recognize them in love. I'm sure that getting a gift of beautiful poems, your favorite people will be pleased even more! Love and be loved! I hope these icons serve you: be my valentine128.png, be my valentine16.png, be my valentine24.png, be my valentine32.png, be my valentine48.png, bleeding heart128.png, bleeding heart16.png, bleeding heart24.png, bleeding heart32.png, bleeding heart48.png, bleeding hearts128.png, bleeding hearts16.png, bleeding hearts24.png, bleeding hearts32.png, bleeding hearts48.png, chocolate box128.png, chocolate box16.png, chocolate box24.png, chocolate box32.png, chocolate box48.png, heart and rose128.png, heart and rose16.png, heart and rose24.png, heart and rose32.png, heart and rose48.png, heart of roses128.png, heart of roses 16.png, heart of roses24.png, heart of roses32.png, heart of roses48.png, heart128.png, heart16.png, heart24.png, heart32.png, heart48.png, hearts128.png, hearts16.png, hearts24.png, hearts32.png, hearts48.png, ribbon heart128.png, ribbon heart16.png, ribbon heart24.png, ribbon heart32.png, ribbon heart48.png, rose128.png, rose16.png, rose24.png, rose32.png, rose48.png, rosy heart128.png, rosy heart16.png, rosy heart24.png, rosy heart32.png, rosy heart48.png, tagged heart128.png, tagged heart16.png, tagged heart24.png, tagged heart 32.png, tagged heart 48.png

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Shut Up And Kiss Me icons

Shut Up And Kiss Me icons at Love Icons

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Valentine icons

Valentine icons at Love Icons

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