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Benefits of Using Emotions Icons.

If you are looking for professionally designed Emotions Icons for your web blog development, applications you have come to the right place.

An interesting collection of free Emoticons for web application developers.

Emoticons are emotional icons which is massively use in e-mail, blog, text messages and other forms of communication to dramatize the plain and uninteresting text. It is amazing that an icon can send across your emotions to another, loud and clear. We use emoticons to express how we feel when we are writing but in a better, precise and much more fun way. The exaggerated emotion of an emoticon can easily affect you and they can be pleasant or likewise. For example, some can annoy the bits out of you but hey, they are still miles away from making you bored.

All sorts of animated emoticons are included, from funny emoticons to lots of cute and pretty animations! Check out these free animated smiley faces!

Everyone just love personalization and this is an universal maxim today. Hence, the collection of emoticons for todays post!

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Face icon pack

Face icon pack at Emotions Icons

Inclides png: face angel icon, face angry icon, face asleep icon, face confused icon, face crying icon, face devil grin icon, face embarrassed icon, face foot in mouth icon, face gearhead female smile icon, face gearhead male smile icon, face glasses icon, face grin icon, face kiss icon, face laughing icon, face monkey icon, face plain icon, face sad icon, face sleep icon, face smile icon, face smile big icon, face surprise icon, face tongue icon, face wink icon, face wink alt icon

Downloads: 20733

Popo smileys

Popo smileys at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 9784

Yellow Emotion icon pack

Yellow Emotion icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 9254

Emotion icon pack

Emotion icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 7479

Haha icon pack

Haha icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 5303

Animation 3D Smiles icon pack

Animation 3D Smiles icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 4872

EmotIcons icon pack

EmotIcons icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 4016

Emotions icon pack

Emotions icon pack at Emotions Icons

smile icons 48x48 (png)

Downloads: 3665

20x20 smiles icon pack

20x20 smiles icon pack at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 3591

Halloween smileys

Halloween smileys at Emotions Icons

Downloads: 2576

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