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There at Icons gallery you will find many quality icons collections and icon packs. You can download any icons and packs for free. You can even use our search bar to find your niche icons sets for your application.

You can download these icons and use it for personal use. If you appreciate and like the icons do not forget to visit the authors of icons libraries. If you are icons designer, feel free to submit your nice icon pack at is the big guide and search directory for many online icons stores. Quick, easy and smart downloads for free icon packs for web and computer applications with preview. Icons sets sorted into sections and are available for free download.

The free desktop icons inventory at Iconki continues to grow from its 120,000 nice icons. These icons range from 16x16 to 256x256 size to fulfill all of your software and web developers needs. may not boast as many icons as other websites but its icon packages delve deep into certain topic areas.

The Business Finance Icons package contains free desktop icons of bank fronts, locks, and currency symbols. The Transportation Icons set spans the full spectrum of transport options from bicycles to buses and trains. offers a Graphics Icons package with database, pencil, eraser and printer/scaner desktop icons packs. The Healthcare Icons set is particularly popular with icons depicting nurses, doctors, ambulances, and DNA double helixes. is a great place to start your search for free desktop icons for Mac and Windows computers.

Icons packs feature:
  • Multiple color formats - 256 colors and True Color
  • Multiple image formats - ICO, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Multiple icon sizes - 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 and 128x128

You will enjoy a very beautiful icons in various resolutions for your needs.

Newest icons packs

Software Applications Icons - Rounder style icons 128x128
Rounder style icons 128x128

Downloads: 1364
Icons MegaPack - Crystal Clear icon pack
Crystal Clear icon pack

Set of icon: leftarrow, rightarrow, uparrow, dowarrow, downarrow, leftarrow, rightarrow, uparrow, floppy unmount, access, acroread, advancedsettings, agent, aim, aktion, All software is current, apply, ark, ark2, arts, atlantik, babelfish, back, blender, blockdevice, bookmark, browser, build, business icons, button cancel, button ok, calc, cam, camera icon, Cardgame, cdrom unmount, cdwriter unmount, chardevice, clanbomber, clean, clicknrun, cnrclient, colors, Community Help, core, database icons, date icon, db add, db comit, db remove, db status, db update, decrypted, demo, desktop, desktop enhancements, desktopshare, display, down, dvd unmount, easymoblog, edit, edit add, edit remove, editcopy, editcut, editdelete, editpaste, encrypted, energy star, error, exec, exit, file locked, filefind, file manager, filenew, fileprint, filetypes, find, firewall, flag, flash, folder, folder blue, folder desktop, folder documents, folder favorites, folder green, folder grey, folder home, folder home2, folder home3, folder html, folder image, folder images, folder lin, folder locked, folder music, folder print, folder public, folder red, folder sound, folder tar, folder txt, folder video, folder yellow, fonts, forward, ftp, gaimphone, gaimphone2, galeon, games, gimp, gnome, go, go kde, gohome, harddrive, hardware, history, home, icons, info, input devices settings, internet, Internet Connection Tools

Downloads: 3669
Web development icons - WP woothemes ultimate icons
WP woothemes ultimate icons

Downloads: 4322
Business Finance Icons - Nickel iconpack
Nickel iconpack

Downloads: 884
Computer hardware Icons - Audio icons
Audio icons

Downloads: 2387

More Popular Icon sets

Smileys and Emotions Free Icons
Get Smileys and Emotions icons

Add some EMOTION to your messages! These FREE and easy to use Smileys are great for all your expressive communications. Use in IM, Email and more! Tons to choose from including emoticons, celebrities, and Halloween and Christmas icons!

Random set

Hoya Imperial icons

Hoya Imperial icons


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